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Sue London is one of the most sought after pet mediums and angelic messengers who has worked

with tens of thousands of people around the globe to help them cope, heal and move forward from the emotional trauma caused by losing a pet as well as challenges of dealing with behaviours of difficult pets. Having survived two near death experiences that gave her direct witness to the "other side", Sue has served as a bridge between the two worlds which help bring peace and even healing.  Sue is an award-winning business owner, 4 time bestselling author and has appeared on over 10,000 radio and TV shows around the world. In addition to working with pets, she has also served as a life coach specializing in helping those that struggle with disease, divorce, abuse and end of life fears.

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I love, love, love the drawing of little Cosmo and the message he gave to Sue London for me to enjoy. I laughed out loud when I first read it. It is so right on the money. Cosmo is a little character, and his personality was captured in the drawing and in his communication! Thank you so much for this precious gift.

Janet Nestor

Author, Mental Health Therapist, and Diplomat in Energy Psychology

Oh my gosh. Have you ever wondered what your fur baby is thinking, or what they want you to know? My friend Sue London does pet readings for our furry friends both here and on the otherside.  You send a photo to her, and she connects with them.  She starts to sketch them and the readings come through.   The validations and insights you receive are off the charts.  When she did Daisy's reading (she is still here with me), Sue told me that she had a lot to say, and kept her up very late in the night! Lol. 

Brenda Pearce 

Author,  TV show Producer/Host,

Show Host of Empowered Living 

On the Dream Visions 7 Media Network

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