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Sue London’s journey has been one miracle after another. Miracles happen for all of us. You just have to become aware, believe, and take action. During this empowering presentation Sue will share her incredible journey of overcoming and healing Crohns Disease, illness, a life and death pregnancy, being given just 30 minutes to live, having a near death experience, and divorce and then with the help from God, her Angels, and loved ones on the other side, soaring above it all and creating the lifestyle she desires! Sue will share many examples of how her life is being guided by a higher power and yours is also. You will leave this presentation knowing that you are never alone and you are always supported.


In this inspiring presentation, Sue will share her personal story of triumph over illness, abuse, and near death.  She will detail the steps on how she went on to heal both physically and emotionally.  The audience will learn how to realize their dreams, the importance of a strong determination, and the fact that everything is possible in life when you stay positive, take action, and believe.  The audience members will gain an understanding on “why” things happen in their life.  They will leave feeling inspired, hopeful, and with the strength of knowing that it is possible to have the life they truly love.


 In this inspiring presentation, Sue shares stories from her own experience to help the group understand the power of pet therapy and also to help them to appreciate the joy and benefit of having a pet.  Throughout the years people have shared their amazing stories with Sue.  She includes many of these stories, knowing that they will touch your heart and give you comfort and hope.

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